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About WTC7.net

WTC7.net was created by Jim Hoffman to address the suspicious silence surrounding the total collapse of the 47 story skyscraper known as WTC 7, or Building 7. Except for reports of the collapse on the day of the attack, most conspicuously lacking footage, mention of Building 7 has been essentially non-existent in the mainstream and even alternative press.

The accepted cause of the total collapse of this building is fires. Since fires have never before caused the collapse of a steel-framed building, it has been standard procedure for first responders to enter burning high-rises without hesitation to save people and property. Will this now change in light of presumption that fires leveled Building 7? Thousands of lives will depend on the answer to this question. Given that, the rapid destruction of the evidence that could have resolved the causes underlying the mysterious collapse of Building 7 is appalling.

We hope WTC7.net will help people to understand what really destroyed Building 7. Did fires really reduce this skyscraper, capable of withstanding hurricanes, to a tidy pile of rubble; or is there more to this story than we've been told?


WTC7.net can be contacted by sending e-mail to:
wtc7.net(delete this)@gmail.com .

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