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Automotive Diesel Fuel shall comply with the limiting requirements of ASTM grade low sulphur Diesel Fuel #2 and the requirement of the engine manufacturers Cummins Engine Company and Detroit Diesel Corp. If trouble related to the use of automotive diesel fuel in vehicles develops during the period of the contract, then PIERCE TRANSIT shall test the vendor’s product in accordance with the following required minimum specifications:
Property Requirements
Cetane No. 40 min.
Max. Aromatics 35% by volume
Pour Point 0 F
Flash Point 125 F. minimum
Volatility: Initial Boiling Point 320 F. minimum
90 percent condensed 540 F. to 640 F. maximum
End point 675 F. maximum
SU Viscosity 100 F. 30-40 maximum
Water and Sediment 0.01% maximum
Ash Content 0.01% maximum
Total Sulphur Content 0.05% maximum mass %, 500 ppm
Corrosive Sulphur Pass Test (Note 1)
Carbon Residue (10% res.) 0.35% maximum
Alkali or Mineral Acid Neutral
Odor Non-offensive
Cloud Point 20 F, + or - 5&deg:
Note 1: Test to be conducted at 212 Fahrenheit.
Note 2: American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) test methods shall be used for measuring the properties of the fuels (ASTM D-975)

PIERCE TRANSIT or other participating agencies will periodically at time of delivery randomly sample fuel being delivered for testing to ensure compliance with specifications. In the event of non-compliance, PIERCE TRANSIT may require the supplier to pump the tank not meeting specifications and resupply the entire contents with diesel as specified at no additional charge.

The successful bidder shall deliver diesel fuel from major suppliers (Shell, Texaco, Arco, Chevron, Mobil Oil, and U.S. Oil) only or as approved by PIERCE TRANSIT.

Various local agencies will be participating in this contract. Total estimated annual usage for all agencies is 1,945,500 gallons. Each agency shall place individual orders as needed and shall be invoiced separately. Other agencies may be added to the contract throughout the year.

AGENCY Est. Annual Usage Capacity
PIERCE TRANSIT, Truck and Trailer 730,000 gallons 120,000 gal
Puyallup School District No. 3, Truck and Trailer 160,000 gallons 12,000 gal
Fife School District No. 417, Tank Wagon 34,000 gallons 3,000 gal
Franklin Pierce School District, Tank Wagon 62,000 gallons 4,000 gal
University Place School District, Truck and Trailer 47,000 gallons 10,000 gal
Dieringer School District, Tank Wagon 12,500 gallons 3,000 gal
Bethel School District, Truck and Trailer 300,000 gallons 30,000 gal
Port of Tacoma, Tank Wagon - Metered Delivery 600,000 gallons 8,500 gal

The bidder agrees that their company will be on twenty-four (24) hour call, seven (7) days a week for deliveries.

Automatic refill service shall be provided upon request by individual agencies.

The successful contractor shall contact the PIERCE TRANSIT Safety Coordinator, telephone 589-6371, prior to the initial fuel delivery to PIERCE TRANSIT under this contract.

For each delivery to PIERCE TRANSIT, the driver must check in with the warehouse personnel before transferring the gasoline into the underground storage tanks. Tanks shall be "stuck" before and after filling. The measurements shall be recorded on the delivery ticket.

Prices submitted shall be per gallon for both tank wagon and truck/trailer deliveries and shall include the rack price in effect at 12:00 noon on the day before the bid date, the margin to be charged over rack and the brand and rack the price is based on. Award of contract shall be based on the total of the rack price and margin bid. The margin over rack price included in the bid shall remain in effect throughout the term of the contract. Bid prices shall not include any federal or state taxes. Tax exempt certification, if applicable, will be supplied to the successful bidder by eligible participating agencies. Superfund taxes etc. shall be added at time of billing.

Pricing shall be subject to change in accordance with the chosen major oil companies increases and decreases throughout the term of the contract. Actual rack price changes only shall be passed on to participating agencies. Price movements occurring between 12:00 noon on the day before the bid date and the beginning effective date of the contract shall be passed on to the participating agencies.

The successful bidder shall provide written notice of any price movements to PIERCE TRANSIT and all participating agencies as rack price changes occur (minimally once per week if price remains stable). Price changes must be supported by major oil company documentation, i.e., computer printout, fax, teletype, etc.

Prospective bidders are encouraged to bid on either tank wagon or truck/trailer deliveries or both. PIERCE TRANSIT reserves the right to make a split award of the contract if the low responsive bids for tank wagon and truck/trailer deliveries are received from different suppliers.

PIERCE TRANSIT is responsible for the administration of this contract and reserves the right of sole determination, without consultation with any other agency, which is the best and lowest bid received.

The successful contractor shall have sufficient resources and/or equipment to meet the requirements of all participating agencies.

Invoices from the successful contractor(s) shall also include the following information along with quantities and pricing: Purchase Order Number and the time the fuel was picked up from the rack.

In the event of a natural disaster which disables PIERCE TRANSIT's ability to dispense fuel from our pumps, the successful bidder shall cooperate with PIERCE TRANSIT to the fullest extent possible to assist PIERCE TRANSIT in keeping our vehicles fueled. This assistance may include leaving a fuel truck at our facilities so that we may fuel our vehicles directly from the fuel truck.

The contract shall be for a one-year period beginning November 1, 2003 through October 31, 2004, and shall include an optional one (1) one-year period.

If PIERCE TRANSIT should discover during the contract period that pricing is no longer competitive or if service and product quality should deteriorate, PIERCE TRANSIT reserves the right to cancel the contract by providing a thirty (30) day written notification.


For deliveries to PIERCE TRANSIT:

The successful bidder will be requested to provide a current MSDS to Wendy Cutright, Maintenance Safety Coordinator prior to the first delivery. She may be contacted at 253-589-6371. She is also the contact for the tank certification.

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