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by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman

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Dr. KEVIN DANAHER, Cofounder, Global Exchange:
'People who know that our government lies to us on a regular basis need to consider the possibility that there is a huge lie being perpetrated regarding what really happened on 9-11-01. An objective examination of the facts shows that there are dozens of holes in the official story being promoted by the Bush administration and the corporate media. Do yourself and our country a favor by taking off the blinders, confronting your fears, and considering the possibility that our leaders are lying to us once again. Don Paul's and Jim Hoffman's Waking Up ... does the public a great service by graphically exposing some of the lies regarding the 9/11/01 crimes in New York City, and then proposing alternatives to the system that perpetrates such crimes and lies.'
JOHN LEONARD, publisher, Progressive Press, of Joshua Tree, California (U.S. publisher of The War on Freedom):
'Don Paul and Jim Hoffman have performed a feat that the public has waited three years for: solving the 9/11 mystery in a nutshell. They have selected the most eloquent color photo evidence and commentary to focus on the clearest, most concise case and most direct route convicting the government itself of perpetrating 9/11. After cinching their case using the key evidence of the WTC demolition, all the while avoiding unnecessary rhetoric and speculation, they go on to show how this "unthinkable" crime fits into the context of the ruling financial elites, and offer alternative ways forward. All this - Everyman's Guide to 9/11 - packed into a pocket-sized book with a pocketbook-sized price.'
'Another great job! It is a really beautifully produced little book that offers a simple, readable introduction to many important issues. As well as your clear evidence of the deliberate demolitions of the WTC towers, I much liked your final section about cooperative solutions. I think this shows how we can all aim towards a much healthier future. Good work!'
GARY VIA of Richmond, Virginia:
'This slim, well-produced volume with quality photographs and charts marshalls an astounding array of facts and background data in support of its central thesis--that an out-of-control cabal of financiers and corporate/governmental accomplices has taken control of our government and turned it against its own citizens in support of a fascist agenda at home and across the globe.

Paul and Hoffman reveal the proof of the crimes, the perpetrators of the crimes, the history behind the crimes, and some of the hopeful paths that can lead us out of further crimes and into a future of peace, justice, freedom and ecological sustainability. The stunning photographs and insightful scholarship of this small book can go a long way toward displacing and unraveling the blanket of fear and lies suffocating the life and vitality out of our once promising and respected nation.'
KEN JENKINS, producer of the Perspectives on 9/11 DVD/VHS documentary:
'Waking Up ... is a major gift and asset to the 9-11 Truth movement. Its small size, low price and many color pictures set it apart from the other excellent books coming out.'
BILL KAUTH, author of A Circle of Men:
'The best of the best of the best. Waking Up ... manages to synthesize into less than 80 illustrated pages the contents of a whole stack of books about the crimes of 9/11/01 in New York City and then another stack of books about related subjects whose actual operation and possible transformation are crucial to the future of our world. And you can put it your pocket!'
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